Hi, I’m Jennifer

Welcome to The Weekly Galette, a place for weekly dinner menus, cooking inspiration, and recipes. I live in the Twin Cities with my husband, Joel, and our three-year-old daughter (affectionately nicknamed Bear). I consider myself a decent home cook, but it is not the actual cooking that places me squarely in the kitchen three times a day. It’s the recipes. I love reading about food, discovering new recipes, and thinking about how a new dish might taste. Also, Eating! I love looking forward to a good meal at the end of every. single. day. A night without a dinner plan always ends in disaster. For this reason, I meal plan. I hope that my weekly menus will provide a dinner template for you, or at least new recipes to try, and make eating at home just a little bit easier.

A note on my food philosophy.  I believe in real food and scratch cooking as much as possible. I’m in to pasture raised meats, full fat dairy, and healthy saturated fats. Organic? Yes, please! Some of the recipes I choose require a few extra pots and, perhaps, a little more time to prepare, but I’m ok with that. A rushed meal never tastes good.

(Ashley Elwill Photography)