And Then There Were Four

A little over three weeks ago we welcomed a beautiful baby girl to our family. Baby L. is sweet and surprising calm. Bear is a protective big sister already and eager to dole out kisses and head rubs at every chance she gets.

At first I worried that having a baby so close to Christmas would be difficult, but it made the holidays more joyful than they have ever been. Christmas feels like eons ago now, but I will remember it as a blizzard of cookies, sleepless nights, new baby cuddles, and all things Paw Patrol.

Of course, adding a second child to the family is one of the hardest things we have ever done. The guilt over diminishing time with our first plagues me. As does weariness from lack of sleep and the emotional roller coaster of the past few weeks. We have taken not one but two trips to the ER since returning home from the hospital, including one in an ambulance at 5:30 in the morning. I will never forget the sight of seeing five paramedics crowded around our tiny bathroom. Fortunately, we are all well and everything was fine on both accounts.

We are adjusting to our new normal now, as life soldiers on, and looking forward to the year ahead. Family and friends continue to spoil us with delicious meals and treats and I am slowly inching back into the kitchen. The Asian Chicken Slaw from the blog What’s Gabby Cooking was the first thing I cooked post pregnancy and Bear and I spent some quality time together in the kitchen last Sunday making Cherry and Maple Granola. Joel declared it the best granola he’s ever had. We’ve eaten it by the fistful, over plain yogurt, with a splash of cream, and sprinkled over Haagen-Dasz vanilla ice cream.

Happy 2019 from our family to yours!

Photo Credit: Auntie Sarah


Asian Chicken Slaw (recipe from What’s Gabby Cooking)


Cherry and Maple Granola (recipe from “Pull Up a Chair” by Tiffani Thiessen)

We substituted chopped pecans for the cashews.

(December 2018 – January 2019)

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