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Waiting for Spring

I’ve got one child off at school and another asleep in her car seat. Let’s do this! P.S. As always, please ignore all grammatical errors. I’ve got about 15 minutes to complete this before the little one wakes up. P.P.S. The Weekly Galette is going on Spring Break! No, we’re not actually going anywhere, but […]


I’m titling this post Broken, because everything is breaking down around us this week. It all started last Saturday when our kitchen sink fell right through the counter. Seriously! I ask you, how does that happen? Our garage door is making weird noises. My car is acting up. Our grandfather clock stopped ticking at eleven […]


I volunteered at Bear’s preschool Valentine’s Day party last week. Being a relatively new mother, I was looking forward to the party for days and couldn’t wait to observe Bear in her classroom with her friends. While the party was exceptionally fun, and Bear made me burst into hysterics after she attempted to eat an […]


Yes! Snow! Finally! We’ve waited all winter for it and here it is blanketing everything in sparkly drifts and mounds. There’s something about fresh snow for Valentine’s Day that just feels festive and cozy. Bear has been out sledding the past few days and we have big plans to build a snow fort in the […]

Surviving A Polar Vortex

Last week’s polar vortex cancelled school, meetings, and play dates for our family. I don’t think I’m alone in saying we all went a little nutty indoors for four straight days! Fortunately, Bear got to play with her cousins all week. She even slept over at their house for two of the nights. For the […]