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Yes! Snow! Finally! We’ve waited all winter for it and here it is blanketing everything in sparkly drifts and mounds. There’s something about fresh snow for Valentine’s Day that just feels festive and cozy. Bear has been out sledding the past few days and we have big plans to build a snow fort in the […]

Surviving A Polar Vortex

Last week’s polar vortex cancelled school, meetings, and play dates for our family. I don’t think I’m alone in saying we all went a little nutty indoors for four straight days! Fortunately, Bear got to play with her cousins all week. She even slept over at their house for two of the nights. For the […]

Cold Weather

It was -27 degrees when I woke up today. Schools are closed for the third day in a row, and many businesses are closed as well. Joel cancelled his meetings. We are housebound. Again. These insane temps, in addition to an infant that wants to be held all minutes of the day, have left me […]

Awake All Day

This is going to be a brief post this week, as I seem to have babies that like to stay awake all day and sleep all night. Baby L., who is only one month old, can go a solid six hours at a time at night. The flip side is that she tends to only […]

Life’s a Jungle

Life’s a jungle these days. There’s a thicket of dirty laundry, dishes, or diapers around every corner. Little creatures squawk, howl, and cry out in the darkness of the night. Foraging for food is a real past time, and one must always remember to proceed with caution when picking up a little howler monkey that […]