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T Minus One Week

Well. All I can say is that there is nothing quite like pregnancy to make a girl feel special. I have felt truly blessed by the support I’ve received over the past nine months. From friends and family who have offered to help with Bear, volunteered to run to the store to pick up food, […]

Six Pounds of Cookies

Aside from the fact that we made 3 (!) delicious batches of Christmas cookies last week, our week was extremely ordinary. The meals were so-so and, unbeknownst to me, it appears that we ate a lot of broccoli. I suppose a week of the sort should come as no surprise, as I am nearing the […]


Thanksgiving came and went so quickly this year. We celebrated, as we always do, at Joel’s parent’s house with my family too. The food was delicious and the extra days off were much appreciated. I was in charge of relishes and sweet potatoes, so I brought my favorite 3-Ingredient Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple Pecans. It’s […]


It’s a holiday week and I’m trying to check off as much from my to-do list as I possibly can before Thanksgiving. With that said, here’s a short re-cap of last week’s meal plan. Also, pomegranates are finally in season. It was a long wait. Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving! The Menu Sunday […]

Winter IS Coming

Last week’s snowfall is still on the ground and it’s feeling like winter is here to stay in Minnesota, despite the fact that we are still 38 days away from the winter solstice. A winter girl at heart, I’m welcoming the change with glee. Give me winter over summer any day and feed me accordingly. […]