Cold Weather

It was -27 degrees when I woke up today. Schools are closed for the third day in a row, and many businesses are closed as well. Joel cancelled his meetings. We are housebound. Again. These insane temps, in addition to an infant that wants to be held all minutes of the day, have left me feeling a little overwhelmed. It’s impossible to get anything done. Yet, as I sit here, frantically typing while the baby sleeps for a few minutes on her own, I know that winter won’t last forever. It may be cold outside now, but the light shining through the window is warm and nourishing. Spring will be here eventually.

The Menu


Cheeseburger Soup (recipe from The Recipe Critic)

Ok, stay with me here. I had ground beef, potatoes, and a block of sharp cheddar cheese knocking around the kitchen. I wanted something warm and creamy. Joel was very skeptical of this recipe and so disdainful of it that I had to banish him from the kitchen while I worked. Once it was finished and bubbling away on the stove, I took a little taste. It was true. It wasn’t very flavorful. I added a little Worcestershire and some yellow mustard, but it still wasn’t great. So, we ladled it into bowls and topped it with Frank’s RedHot and you know what? It was delicious! We ate every bit of it over the next few days. Joel even asked me to make it again.

Sides: Fresh, delicious, homemade bread from your sister-in-law (!) and sliced veggies




Chicken Piccata Pasta Toss (recipe from Rachael Ray via Food Network)

This was recipe was ok. Not mind-blowing in any sense, as I assumed, but it was quick and easy.

Sides: Roasted cauliflower & a green salad


Kabocha Squash and Pork Stir-Fry (recipe from Chris Morocco via Bon Appetit)

This was a weird recipe, but I loved it. Creamy squash combined with spicy sausage, lime juice, and crunchy peanuts. This is my kind of meal, although I may be alone on my desert island. As you can see from the picture, I over steamed my squash and it completely fell apart. This didn’t bother me, because the flavors were still there. However, I might suggest keeping a closer eye on your squash while it steams, or even roasting cubed sweet potatoes, if you want something that stands up texturally. The peanuts are a must for texture and the lime juice is essential for it’s bright contrast to the otherwise salty dish.

Sides: Popovers & a green salad




Italian Dunkers

This meal brought me right back to the middle school cafeteria. Simply brown some hamburger, add your favorite red sauce, and let it simmer away on the stove while you top sliced French bread with mozzarella cheese. Slide the cheese toasts into the oven at 450 degrees until the cheese melts and then run them under the broiler until the cheese starts to bubble and brown. Turn on a movie (in our case, A Bug’s Life) and dunk your cheese toasts into the meaty sauce.

Sides: Steamed broccoli

End your meal with a bowl of chocolate ice cream 😉



(Jan 20th, 2019 – Jan 26th, 2019)

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